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Wow! God is up to something!

We’ve just been informed that a 3 bedroom condo has come up for sale and the owner is willing to carry the loan for 5 years… plus they are willing to sell it with all the furniture.

It would mean a down payment of $69,000USD (plus closing cost of around $3,000USD) and then the payments would be amortized over 30 years (to keep payments down) with the total amount due within 5 years.

Selling price is $345,000USD (including the furniture).

As you know we’ve had a strong sense for almost two years now that God wants to provide us with a “place to call home”.

One of the things God has put on our heart about this home is that it will be a place of hospitality


there would be a guest room for you come and visit us.

Would you pray and ask the Lord if He wants you to help to enable us to raise the deposit in order to make this happen.

We look forward to being able to update you with the news of what God enables us to do.

Love and blessings

Bernie & Sylvia Kay

P.S.:  We need to see all this money come in by July 21, 2017 in order to close the deal.

New adventures for the Kay's.

In July of 2015 I heard about a seminar that was going to be run at the University of the Nations Kona, Hawaii campus.  The seminar was going to be about the Jesus Film and (so I was told) would be good for DTS school leaders to get an understanding of how the Jesus Film worked so we could teach our students.

The seminar happened in August of 2015.  It started with an overview of what would be taught during the seminar.  The information communicated was very different from what had been announced to the participants a few weeks earlier.  What the YWAM organizers of the seminar communicated and the information being communicated by the Jesus Film staff were so different that some of the participants left the seminar after the second day.

That the Jesus Film staff were there for to train people to be the trainers of others was correct.  However the training could not be just taught to a DTS student in a few hours.  This training involved several phases of which the seminar was the first phase.  There are 3 other phases to the training.

As we got more into the training both Sylvia and I realized that this was something that we could do long term and that we were the best positioned to take on the day to day leadership of the YWAM side of the partnership. Within a week of the seminar we were asked to lead a recording team to Papua New Guinea to record 8 languages.

Mid September we left for Papua New Guinea and the field training phase of our training. This was to be the first real out working of a new partnership between Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and Jesus Film Project. We would be in a remote village area and would need to build 2 studio's in order to record the 8 languages. We would be recording 2 languages each day in each studio, a total of 4 languages each week. At the end of this trip we had finished 8 languages and delivered to each of the languages groups a finished copy of the Jesus Film in their language.

In January of 2016 we went to Samoa to train the staff of the YWAM to do the same work that we did in September of last year. This was the first time that we were able to put training into action - teaching the staff of the base. This was definitely challenging and stretching for both of us. For me this was really the first time to prepare lessons and teach a class. The students were really good and easy to instruct. The topic was right up my alley which made it easier to teach the class.

In April we went to Papua New Guinea to prepare a number of languages for recording of the Jesus Film. This meant traveling to various different cities to meet with people from each language who would be involved in the translation of the Jesus Film into their languages. We were able to arrange for 12 languages to have the Jesus Film translated into their language. The translation work will happen in August of this year and hopefully the recording will take place in October of this year.

As I close off this blog we are in New Zealand visiting supporters, friends and family. We are scheduled to go to the Solomon Islands in June to continue the Jesus Film Partnership.

Sylvia in Brazil

Here are the latest images from Sylvia and the team in the Amazon

Aloha from Belem. Brazil!

The team is doing well and is in good spirits.  Yesterday we celebrated one of the team member's birthdays - Sophia - with Brazilian Bar-b-que... it was delicious and we all had lots of fun!  I believe Sophia felt blessed and loved.


The health of the team is generally good, with some having a small cold or some diarrhea, but nothing major - praise the Lord!

We arrived back in Belem from Bacuri (the last community we were with) on Sunday, April 28th.  We had a wonderful time in this community with the Quilombola people.  The children's ministry went very well with the team doing lots of fun games and crafts with them as well as enacting Bible stories using the kids as actors - we've found this to be very effective as it makes the stories much more real.  We saw around 25 kids commit their lives to the Lord through these times!

dental_clinic Med_clinic medical_clinic

Both the Med and Dental clinics went very well with the Doctors and the Dentist being able to minister to each patient and share the love of God with them.  In this way we saw 16 people come to know the Lord, which is very exciting!  Please pray with us that these people will continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

river_house river_parking first_climps

Here in Belem we had the honor of ministering at the local YWAM base, as well as the public meeting with Amazon Reach and a local church.  We saw many lives touched, challenged and changed as the Lord brought His word through us.  It was amazing to see how the Lord brought together the testimonies and words people in the team gave - we saw the Lord orchestrating the services how He wanted them to be.

back_entrance hammocks housing_host

Tomorrow we will be going out to another community which is a mix of River people and Quilombola people.  Please pray that God will move in a powerful way through the team.  Our schedule will be as follows:

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons - children's ministry
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings - Med & Dental clinics
  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights - evangelistic meetings

We will come back into Belem on Saturday, May 11th around 5pm.  We will be in the city until May 15th when we leave for the final Amazon community.  We'll be coming back from that community on Sunday, May 19th around 12 noon.  Then as a team we will have our final two nights for a time of debriefing and refreshing before we fly out of Brazil on May 22nd.

Thank you for praying for us as a team - it's a blessing to us!


Sylvia Kay

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Oahu, Hawaii in the morning

This is what I have been waking up to in the last few mornings. It's a great view and changes every day as the clouds move around the mountains.